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The secrets to cooking easy-peeling hard boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are great standby for summer salads. They also make a simple sandwich filling which is ideal for busy working parents and their hungry school-kids. There are some golden rules to follow which will help make your hard-boiled eggs easy-to-peel. Don’t use eggs straight from the fridge So long as eggs are kept cool, … Continue reading →

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Discontinued Corelle Patternswhere to Find

Corelle dishes were first introduced about forty years ago in 1970 by R&D scientists at the Corning Glassworks Business. The dishes were made up of three layers of glass bonded together. Starting with a glass core center that is enclosed by top and bottom layers of “skin” or glazed glass decorated by different enamels. The enamels beam through the … Continue reading →

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Can you tell me some Substitutes for Pancetta

Whether watching TV cookery programmes or reading recipe books, ‘pancetta’ is a type of food that is becoming more and more common in savoury dishes, especially Italian recipes. Pancetta is simply an Italian dry-cured bacon, but NOT a smoked bacon. It is made from the belly of the pig, and it is treated with salt, … Continue reading →

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