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Easy new Years Eve Dessert

Tired of all the holiday cooking, but you still need a great dessert for New Year’s Eve? Here’s a fool-proof cake recipe that is so simple, yet a certified hit every time it is made. The following is  the ingredients and directions to make the most moist and tasty chocolate cake: Easy, Super- Moist Chocolate … Continue reading →

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Delicious Chinese chicken stir fry

This is a recipe for Chinese chicken sir fry. It is very easy to prepare and can be made and served in less than half an hour. It is inexpensive to make and yet is a delicious, mouth-watering meal that is perfect to serve to  your family, and ideal for that special meal for company. … Continue reading →

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Drink Recipes Rose Kennedy Cocktail

The Rose Kennedy cocktail is a great light alternative to a vodka tonic or cape cod. Named for the mother of John F. Kennedy, this cocktail is alternately called the VSS (Vodka, Soda, Splash). It was originally popular in the north eastern United States, in areas like Massachusetts. Because of this drink’s awesome low-sugar, low-calorie … Continue reading →

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