My Experience of Weight Again

In the summer of 1989 I got down to a fairly low weight of 170 (77 kilograms). I kept most of it off for about six months. I had been about 215 (97 kilograms) for two years. In March of 1990, I went to Greece for about 3 weeks. I gained about 20 pounds when I was there on that trip. The Greek diet is highly touted, but it is certainly way too high in fat, such as from too much olive oil. I had lived there from 1983-1985 and this was the first time I ever got significantly overweight.

The most I could lose back after this 1990 trip was about ten pounds. I then stayed at the higher weight for about 3-5 years and then afterwards I started really to gain weight and I was over 200 pounds (91 kilograms) for the most part for about 13 years. This shows how I experienced the difficulty of losing the weight back. I was running at that time, but I was not doing it everyday, nor for an hour- usually only 30 minutes at a time. Like I have stated elsewhere on other posts, I really started to lose significant weight when I bicycled everyday for at least an hour.

Of course I could have done the same thing by running, but I would have had to do more than what I used to do. In fact, this past holiday season, I actually lost a net 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) by exercising so much every single day. I did eat a lot on some days of the holiday season, but I ate moderately on most days as well. I think the answer to this kind of weight gain is to really increase one’s exercise, either running, vigorous swimming or vigorous bicycling every single day, as well as cutting down on energy dense foods, such as fast food, fried foods and sweets.

Also, don’t overeat on more than one consecutive day and cut down on food or increase exercise the day after overeating. In 1990 I was exercising to some degree, but not to a sufficient degree and that is a major reason I could not lose the weight back. Tracking what I eat to make sure I am eating enough but not too much is also very helpful, as well as eating enough fiber and drinking enough water. Now that I do everything that ever worked for me all at the same time, my weight is lower than it ever has been for over thirty years at 158 pounds (71.8 kilograms).

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